Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time for a Nursery!!

Since we now know, that we're having a girl, it's time to start getting her nursery ready. :) I've had a ton of questions, floating through my brain. I didn't know where to start. But Mark and I had some decisions to make.

Were we going to buy Elena new furniture? Did we need to buy new nursery furniture? What colors would we use? You know, all the regular stuff. That stressed out parents, waiting for their 2nd child.

When we bought Elena's furniture, we knew, we wanted something to last a while. We didn't mind investing in good pieces. And in pieces, that could change and grow with her. Her crib, can change into a toddler bed, then a twin bed. Eventually, a full sized bed. Her changing table, has another piece. That can be made into a large chest. It's a nice set. That one day, she can really grow into. We even bought the desk, for down the road!!

Elena loves her room!! And her furniture. Just after Elena's birthday, we made adjustments to her room. Changed it up a bit. A fresh coat of paint. Made it into a big girl's room. And we don't want to disrupt this. Elena loves her room so much.

That means, Mark and I, are looking for another set of furniture. In the end, we think this makes sense. Each of our girls, will have their own furniture. For their own rooms. It makes a bit more work for us. But in the end, I'm positive, that this is the best possible solution. Now I need some ideas!!

To be honest, I love this crib!! How fun would a round crib be? But, I just don't think, it's right. It won't "grow" with her.

I'm really in love, with this color palette!! The purple, is just a fun color. That bright pink, makes my heart smile. I really like this. :)

We could go with something completely different. Something very different from Elena's room. Yes, Elena has white furniture. But her bedding was bright and fun. We could go with a bit more "babyish" style. Something more traditional of a nursery.

How about dark furniture? I love this!! More of our style. But with pastel baby girl colors. :) Something a little different from the "expected" girl nursery.

This is more of our style. At least for our kids' rooms. I like the simple lines of the furniture. The brightness. The fun colors. I'm almost positive, that this is going to be our inspiration.

Next weekend, we're going shopping for furniture. And hopefully, we'll find some bedding. Although, I like that last picture, it's very similar to Elena's nursery. Pink, green, and white. I'm hoping to find something in peach, green, and white. Or even pink, turquoise, and white. No matter what, we're going to be picking up a rug like this. I've seen a similar white rug at Target. Perfect, for when our daughter starts crawling!! If you have any ideas, please leave us a comment. Or send us an email. A

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Starting to Blog

Today my mom-in-law came over. When she got here, she caught me reading all my blogs. I have a list that I read. More so now than ever! All of my friends are starting to blog. The 2 of us talked about it. And she encouraged me to start my own. I just don't think I will be posting any pictures of Elena or the new baby. Because of that story about the little boy. The one were someone took his picture and used it to place an adoption add. Really creepy.

I think I will just use my blog to sorta document our life. Maybe use as a place to communicate my thoughts. I really don't have a plan. I guess I am just going to have to play it by ear. But I think this will be a fun new hobby! I hope you enjoy it too! A