Monday, April 30, 2012

Now That There's 3...

I LOVE my girls. But now that there are 3, life is just a bit more complicated. I turned to Mindy for some help. Sunday mornings have always been a bit stressful. We're trying to get to church on time. With kids, it gets a bit more complicated. But with 3, I'm finding, it's a little overwhelming.

My big girls, don't like Mark to comb their hair. They'll let him, get them dressed. Even fed. But I have to comb their hair. And Sofia, she's got to eat. Something else, that Mark can't help with.

All of this, has led to me, throwing on a maxi dress, sandals, and putting my wet hair, in a bun. I've got a cardigan in the car, at all times, for just this reason. And we still get to church, as the bells begin to ring. :(

This week, I found this video. Watched it 5 times. Laid out everyone's clothes. Saturday afternoon. And set the alarm. 2 things happened Sunday morning. One, we got to church with 5 minutes to spare. Two, I felt better. My hair was combed. I had a chance to throw on some lipgloss. And I felt confident. Put together. Thank you Mindy, for the idea. It may not seem like a lot, but it definitely changed, my now crazy Sunday mornings! A

Thursday, April 19, 2012

You Made What??

I recently found a new blog, that I'm in love with! If by now, you haven't noticed, I've got a serious sweet tooth! Oh boy do I!! I remember when Mark and I first started dating, my MIL was very concerned about this. Because I'd show up for dinner, and I wouldn't really eat. Then I'd see dessert, and I'd eat everyone under the table!!

Little has changed really. Except now, I really do try, to have a more balanced diet. I promise myself, that if I eat a salad, then I can have some cookies. I have to. Or else, I'd try and live off of sugar!! :)

But recently, I've been wanting salty and sweet, at the same time. And Grateful Belly is helping, in that way! It's a little crazy. Last night, after Elena and Ofelia went to bed, I got one of those cravings. It was consuming my entire thoughts!! That's when I turned to this inspiration.

I know. It sounds odd. Fritos dipped in chocolate. Then dipped in sprinkles. Oh boy it was a treat! A party in my mouth!! Mark looked at me a little strange. But he tried them too. And he really enjoyed this treat. Now I'm feeling a little guilty. Because we finished them off. Last night. Without sharing with our girls. Maybe that's an excuse, to whip up another batch!! A

Monday, April 16, 2012

Perfect for My Daughters!!!

I'm not going to lie, life has been so crazy!! But I'm still wanting to make time, for all my girls. I want our older girls, to feel special. And not left out. Because, let's be honest, Sofia needs me 24/7!!!

Today, when Sofia went down for a nap, I wanted to work on a special project. Just for Elena and Ofelia!! It's been a little hit or miss, whether all my girls will nap at the same time. But today, they all did. I swear, I heard angeles singing. :)

I remembered this project. I seen it, a few weeks ago. Before Sofia was born. And I "favorited it." Knowing, that I'd come back to it. Eventually! Today was the day. I've cut out, all the bunting pieces. I've got some sticks. And now, I just need to start tying. :) Hopefully by tomorrow, we'll have 3 buntings. For 3 perfect little girls!!! I can't wait. A

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!

I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter!! From our house to yours. We're happy to be home. Enjoying our new family of 4!! The Easter Bunny made his way to our house. And we're all happy. :)

Elena, Ofelia, and Mark are reading from the girls' new Easter books. Learning about Jesus. The entire sight, makes me happy! While Sofia and I, are just relaxing. Wishing that we had made this sign. For our house!! Have a wonderful and blessed Easter!! A

Monday, April 2, 2012


This video makes me so hungry! I was watching Kandee's videos over the weekend. And this video just made me smile. Not only is her daughter adorable. But now, I feel like I need to go grocery shopping. And we just went on Friday. This is probably not the best video, for this very pregnant lady to be watching. But there are so many yummy snacks, that I want right now. What are some of your favorites? A