Thursday, April 19, 2012

You Made What??

I recently found a new blog, that I'm in love with! If by now, you haven't noticed, I've got a serious sweet tooth! Oh boy do I!! I remember when Mark and I first started dating, my MIL was very concerned about this. Because I'd show up for dinner, and I wouldn't really eat. Then I'd see dessert, and I'd eat everyone under the table!!

Little has changed really. Except now, I really do try, to have a more balanced diet. I promise myself, that if I eat a salad, then I can have some cookies. I have to. Or else, I'd try and live off of sugar!! :)

But recently, I've been wanting salty and sweet, at the same time. And Grateful Belly is helping, in that way! It's a little crazy. Last night, after Elena and Ofelia went to bed, I got one of those cravings. It was consuming my entire thoughts!! That's when I turned to this inspiration.

I know. It sounds odd. Fritos dipped in chocolate. Then dipped in sprinkles. Oh boy it was a treat! A party in my mouth!! Mark looked at me a little strange. But he tried them too. And he really enjoyed this treat. Now I'm feeling a little guilty. Because we finished them off. Last night. Without sharing with our girls. Maybe that's an excuse, to whip up another batch!! A