Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh Baby!

Ofelia saw this doll. Friday morning. While I was reading Hart + Sew. And has been asking for this baby ever since! Mark tried to buy her, a doll at the store. But that's just not, what Ofelia wants. She wants this cute doll. I can't blame her! This doll is 100X's cuter, than those at the store. And so much softer! I'm hoping that Sam or Lola, can help me sew one up. Maybe Mrs. S. I definitely want to make, each of my little girls, there own special baby doll. A

Friday, February 24, 2012

Our Inspiration

I don't think it's a shock, that I like purple, pink, and turquoise. I just adore these colors! In some way, I wanted to incorporate these colors into our daughter's nursery. I found inspiration here. In this fabric. In a more soothing, relaxing, and inviting color palette.

We've decided on lavender walls. White furniture. And Lola tells me, she's picked the perfect fabrics! I'm so excited to see them. :) But the nursery, will be off limits, until late March. Wow! But I trust my dear friend. I know, most of the nursery is going to be handmade. Many of the items going in, are going to be collected, over many different stores. I know, that Lola knows me well. And now, I'm feeling a sense of relief. We're going to be ready for our daughter's arrival! A

Monday, February 20, 2012

Making It Pretty

We're starting to think about Spring and Summer already. And gardening. My in-laws are big motivators in this department. My FIL, plants an amazing garden, every year. He encourages, all his grandkids to help out. Many times, he sends Elena and Ofelia home, with little plants. To plant at our house.

Mark and I, have been really good, about planting a little garden. Over the years, we've added some fruit trees, to our yard. All year long, we grow herbs in our kitchen window. I'd say, we're doing pretty well. :)

But we have a rather long driveway. It's a little boring. When we first bought our home, we planted trees along it. They are growing nicely. And it's a really nice look. But, you know there's always a but! Our driveway is lacking in color. Big time!

When you get to our house, we always plant pretty flowers. We've got roses, irises, and gladiolas. We add in annuals, for color. It looks so pretty, late in the Spring. But our driveway, is so drab! Then I remembered Lola. She planted these gorgeous roses. Along her driveway. And they grow nice and low. So I called her. :)

She pointed me in the right direction. And we just ordered 30 of these rose bushes. I told you, our driveway is long! I can't wait to see, what it's all going to look like. Imagine in 2 or 3 years! This just excites me. I also wonder, when our roses will get here. And if I'll be able to help Mark plant them. A

Friday, February 17, 2012

Something Fun!!!!

There has been some progress, on our daughter's nursery. :) Mostly being, the colors. We've decided on shades of purple. More lavender actually. I'm pretty excited about this. We also ordered the furniture! Slowly, but surely, we're getting there!

I did find something that I really like. And now, I must go hunt it out! What do you think of this mobile? I just think, it's so fun! We have a little bed. Something that's a mix between a crib and bassinet, that my parents gave us. When Elena was born. It's a piece that comes in handy, when we are spending lots of time outdoors. As we can bring it with us. And I think, this mobile will be perfect! Now I just need to find the person who sells it. :) A

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Remembering Whitney

I was just crushed, when I heard the news. Whitney past away. I've always been a big fan! There is just something about her voice. It's captivating!! Whitney will certainly be missed. This is not the time, to think of the troubles of her life. This is a time, to celebrate her life. A life, that ended too soon! A

Thursday, February 9, 2012

One More

I'm almost finished, with another blanket, for our baby girl. And I'm so excited about it! Do you like this one? I made it with lavender, grey, and white yarn. It's turning out really nice. And I only need a few more rows.

It's been so fun to crochet! To make our daughter, some special little gifts. Do you remember when I first started? I'm still pretty slow. But I've had almost a year, to work on these projects. And I think, I only need to make one more blanket. This one. Probably in a bright pink, purple, and white. Because Elena and Ofelia already have one. I don't want our new daughter, to feel left out! A

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nursery Ideas....

3 months from today, is my due date! Where has the time gone? I swear, this pregnancy is flying by! And we're not really ready. I've managed to get the girls' baby clothes out. And washed. For the most part. I've made a little list of things, that we're going to need. As our babies, have all been born in different seasons.

Mark and I, did manage to buy the carseat today. We are completely OK with using "hand me downs." Just not with the carseats and cribs. I think those need to be repurchased every time. For safety reasons.

But we're stuck on nursery ideas. Lola and Lorenzo are incredibly generous! They've offered to cover the expense, of our baby girl's nursery. Such amazing Godparents! Lola has helped me in the past. She could have been an amazing interior designer. She is just a natural at it! And she helped design Elena and Ofelia's nurseries. And now, their "big girl rooms!"

Ideas? I'm lost on those. For the nursery. And I need some! Soon! As Lola has a very busy schedule. And I'd like to give her some ideas. Before much more time goes by. I've been staying up late, looking through so many nursery websites. Do you have any ideas? For our baby girl's nursery?

Where not much into "matchy, matchy" things. We like that "collected over time" look much better. Mark and I want something that our daughter can grow with. So not too "babyish." No cartoons. Something simple, girly, and inviting. I'd love to hear your ideas! Please! A

Friday, February 3, 2012


I found a new Etsy Shop, that I'm in Love with!! I should probably stop searching them out. But this time, I was really looking for some art. For our baby girl's nursery. :) Now, I think, I found some presents, for our 3 girls!!

Loxly Hollow has the most amazing pieces!! Perfect for any kids' room. Honestly, I was looking for something special. For our baby girl. And then, I could stop looking. I'm in love!

It all started with this print. Gathering Love. I thought, this would be so pretty in our daughter's nursery!! And the meaning, just tugged at my heart.

Swan Princess would be perfect for Elena! Not only does this print remind me of her. But she just loves princesses!!

A Pink and Aqua Meeting reminds me so much of Ofelia. You always find her, talking to little animals. Just like this!! And bunnies, are her current favorite! :)

Loxly Hollow just knows me. And they have so many cute prints. I found 5 that I want for our Playroom. 5!!! I know. I must control. But these 3, are coming home. I'm thinking, I just found Elena and Ofelia's Valentine's Day present. And at least 1 piece, for our baby girl's nursery. A