Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nursery Ideas....

3 months from today, is my due date! Where has the time gone? I swear, this pregnancy is flying by! And we're not really ready. I've managed to get the girls' baby clothes out. And washed. For the most part. I've made a little list of things, that we're going to need. As our babies, have all been born in different seasons.

Mark and I, did manage to buy the carseat today. We are completely OK with using "hand me downs." Just not with the carseats and cribs. I think those need to be repurchased every time. For safety reasons.

But we're stuck on nursery ideas. Lola and Lorenzo are incredibly generous! They've offered to cover the expense, of our baby girl's nursery. Such amazing Godparents! Lola has helped me in the past. She could have been an amazing interior designer. She is just a natural at it! And she helped design Elena and Ofelia's nurseries. And now, their "big girl rooms!"

Ideas? I'm lost on those. For the nursery. And I need some! Soon! As Lola has a very busy schedule. And I'd like to give her some ideas. Before much more time goes by. I've been staying up late, looking through so many nursery websites. Do you have any ideas? For our baby girl's nursery?

Where not much into "matchy, matchy" things. We like that "collected over time" look much better. Mark and I want something that our daughter can grow with. So not too "babyish." No cartoons. Something simple, girly, and inviting. I'd love to hear your ideas! Please! A