Thursday, March 4, 2010

Garden Inspiration

It's still cold around here. But we're already thinking of Spring. And planting. My in-laws always have the most beautiful, and delicious garden. My FIL always sends us home, with fresh veggies. We all anxiously await the fresh peaches and pears. Oh, and the green chili! Just thinking about it, makes me want July to be here!!

For the last few years, Mark and I, have had a garden. Nothing like my FIL's. His is just amazing! I'm telling you, I don't think my in-laws buy veggies all summer long!! But Mark and I have been trying. And we've been relatively good at it.

This year, we have a newborn. And I just don't see myself, on hands and knees, weeding our garden. For 3 hours a day! But we still want to plant various things. After talking with my FIL and my good friend, now I know what we need to do.

Two words!! Garden boxes!! I've been investigating the situation. Mark and his brothers, are going to be building us 4 this weekend. :) This is a nice description/tutorial. I'm hoping, this cuts back on our weeding. But still allows us, yumminess all summer long! A