Thursday, June 2, 2011

Elena is 3!!!!

Can someone please explain to me....why does life move so fast?? I swear to you, before we had kids, life didn't move this fast. Never!! Not once, did I feel, like life was in high gear. These days, I'm constantly stressed out. My babies are going to grow up, and fly the coop. I feel, like one day, I'm just going to wake up, and they're going to be adults. On their own. Do you understand that?

I shouldn't be quite so dramatic. I know. One day, my girls are going to grow up. Move out. Be on their own. With their own families. But to me, I'm still in shock. At how quickly things are moving. 4 years ago, Mark and I decided to have a baby. We'd been married, nearly 10 years. It was time. To make an addition, to our little family. :)

God blessed us. So much!! With the most perfect little girl. With all her daddy's curiosity. Her mommy's eyes. Daddy's dark hair. This little person, who loved us more, than anyone in the world. In return, we love her, more than anyone in the world!!

3 years ago, we became parents. We held our little baby girl, for the very first time. Soaked up the sweet and wonderful, newborn scent. Watched as she nuzzled into us. And fell deeply into love!! Elena, was the missing part of our family. That we never knew, was missing.

The last 3 years, has been completely filled with love!! Wonder. And precious moments. Moments that we would never take back. Moments, that in our old age, we will still be cherishing.

I absolutely cannot believe, how quickly time has flown by! How one day, we were shocked by hearing our baby's heartbeat. For the very first time. And next, Elena is reading to Ofelia. It's just so crazy, how life moves this fast!!

Saturday, we're having Elena's birthday party. But today, is all about, our favorite 3 year old!! Mark is busy making breakfast. And I'm sitting here. Staring at our very first family picture. Getting ready, to shower our big girl, with lots of birthday love!! There might even be, a trip to the Disney Store, in our very near future!! A