Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm Gonna Get My Craft On!!!

Last night, I got a little lost. In the world of YouTube!! Isn't that the way it works? YouTube just sorta sucks you up. And you lose hours of your time. I feel like it works like this. Anyway, I was catching up on all my favorite YouTubers. And I was so excited when I came to Jen's page!!

This is such a good tutorial. Honestly, I almost bought a wipe case, some burp clothes, and a little blanket on Etsy. It's still in my "favorites." I'm not going to tell you the seller. Because now that I think about it, $100 for this just nuts!! The blanket is just a receiving blanket. With a little fabric letter sewn on it.

But I'm so excited about this discovery!! I'm not crafty. At all! But even I, can figure out how to glue some fabric, on a wipe case. Especially, since Jen does it all on camera!! Now I need to go buy a glue gun and some fabric. This is so exciting for me! I'm going to be making one of these for our baby girl!! :) A