Friday, December 16, 2011

Say It Ain't So!!!!

My boyfriend got cancelled! I just read about it here. And it saddens me so! The Nate Berkus Show, is probably the only show, that I watch regularly. I know. Call me a nerd! But I love me some Nate. There are so many good ideas, recipes, and sources that are shared. I will surely miss my daily date with Nate! A

Friday, December 9, 2011

Love 21

Right around my last pregnancy, Forever 21 came out with a maternity line. Love 21. At the time, it wasn't too fabulous. I can't lie. But I did pick up some leggings. And a few tops. Pieces that got me through my last few weeks of pregnancy. Over the last year and a half, I've picked up so many more things!! I knew, that we'd be having more babies. And I just couldn't pass up the value.

During this pregnancy, I haven't spent a whole lot of money on my clothes. When I first found out I was pregnant, I headed to Forever 21 again. I stocked up, on a few more things. And to be honest, I have a lot of things, from my 2 previous pregnancies. :) I just wanted some more updated items. And a few pairs of jeans. You can't pass up $15 maternity jeans!!

But I've been pregnant at different times of the year. With Elena, at this time of year, I wasn't really showing. With Ofelia, I was ready to pop. At Christmas, I was as big as a house. This is posing a bit of a problem. Or it was....

Mark and I went to Las Vegas last week. And I needed some nicer clothes. Something much more dressy, than my leggings or jeans, with cute tops. But, knowing that I wasn't going to be needing them to last a long time, I didn't want to invest a lot of money.

I headed to Forever 21. And my little world was rocked!! One, I found some of the cutest dresses, tops, and bottoms. For dirt cheap!! They were all on clearance. Serious clearance!! I picked up, much more than I should have. But in the end, I didn't spend very much money. You've got to love Forever 21!! :)

Eventually, I made it up to the register. After stopping by the jewelry. :) It always tempts me!! When I got to talking to the cashier, she told me, they are discontinuing Love 21. Well, not really the name. It will be used for another line. But the maternity line. It should be out of the stores, before Christmas. So ladies, if you are expecting, or will be soon, go stock up. Immediately!! While the prices are great, and so is the supply. Because online, there is nothing left!! Not a thing!! A

Friday, December 2, 2011

Sewing Inspiration

If I was more skilled, I'd make Elena one of these. For Christmas. She'd love a little house for her dolls. It would be so fun to play with! But I haven't been sewing long. It still takes me, a very long time, to make a simple dress. For my daughter. This will definitely go on my "make in the future" list.

Have you ever visited out Stacy's blog? It's so fun! Not only did she make this beautiful gift. She also sells the cutest vintage clothes! For kids. :) I go to Hart + Sew, when I need to smile. When I need a break. To just soak up all the inspiration, that Stacy puts out there! A

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

For Our Baby

Yesterday, we shared with our family and friends, and you too, that we're expecting a baby girl! Honestly, we're thrilled! I always thought, in the back of Mark's mind, that he might want a little boy. But he honestly doesn't. He cried, when we saw her, for the first time. Every ultrasound picture we've gotten, he takes and frames them. Makes a copy, to put in his wallet. Yes, my husband is a "Girl Daddy." And he loves it!

I'm so excited too! I wasn't sure, how I'd handle a boy. I think it would be fun, and interesting, to have a son. I watch my BILs and my own brother, with their sons. It blows my mind, just how different girls and boys are. But I'm so excited, that we're having another girl. Our daughters, are over the moon! As much as a 3 and 1/2 year old, and 22 month old can be. :)

In the back of mind, over a year ago, I'd seen this pattern. Lola was making it. And I always hoped, that I'd have another daughter. And I'd learn to crochet. Just so I could make it for her! The first thing I did this morning, was print out this pattern. I have just over four months, to finish this project! I've dreamt about it for so long! And now, I can't wait to meet our little girl! A

Monday, October 17, 2011

Did You Say ABC's?

Recently, I was searching through Project Nursery. For a little inspiration. We're still not planning out our nursery. But I was looking for ways, to update our Play Room. I don't want to do much to it. But add in, a few pieces, that will make it more fun. Something that will catch Elena's eyes. Since she's getting older, I feel like she needs something to challenge her.

I found this picture. I know it's a nursery. But I like these letters. The idea behind it, is so fun! And I want to try something like this. I was actually pretty shocked, when Mark liked it too! Because my fuzzy white rug, just got a weird look! I guess I better get to Hobby Lobby or Michael's. I really want to get started on this project! A

Friday, September 23, 2011

For Me

I've never made myself anything. I've only been crocheting, just over, 8 months. I've made many things for my daughters. But I've been wanting to make myself something. I spent hours, looking through Lion Brand. And I found something.

I just adore this shrug/sweater! It's super easy to make! And maybe after all the crocheting, that I'm planning to do for baby, I'll make this for me. For next Fall. Because it would be perfect, over a t-shirt and jeans. With boots. I'm going to print this pattern. And maybe, go buy some yarn. There's just something about this picture, that makes me want to enjoy a Fall evening outside! A

Monday, August 22, 2011

What I've Been Up to....

Besides growing a new baby, I've been pretty busy around here. Doing what? Crocheting. I'm becoming an addict! But this is a good addictions to have. :)

Since it will be months, until we know if our baby is a boy or a girl, I needed a gender neutral pattern. And I found one! For a cute little blanket. That I had to change the colors of.

I'm making the Delicious Colors Baby Afghan. But in white, grey, and a light green color. Simple. But so cute! I started this blanket, when we were "trying" for baby. We got pregnant quickly, and my blanket, hasn't been going so quickly. I've just been trying to keep up with life. With lots of morning sickness. But I'm almost done! That makes me very happy. At least our baby, will have one blanket. Made by mommy! A

Monday, July 18, 2011

Love This Hairstyle!!

I just love the YouTube channel, Luxy Hair. Leyla and Mimi are so talented! And beautiful sisters. Stunning really. I stood up late last night, just watching all these videos. This one, for a "Messy Bun" just grabbed my attention!

We have a wedding to go to. Next weekend. I just couldn't imagine, how I was going to do my hair. I know, it's going to be insanely hot! On top of that, it's outside. In the back of my mind, I knew, that I wanted to wear my hair up. This hairstyle, is just perfect for that!

Bonus, it doesn't look too complicated. I've got the perfect headband too! I should probably practice a few times. Before Saturday. Because we've all been there before. 2 kids to get ready, a husband that is ready to go, and we're sitting there. In a robe, part of our makeup done, and our hair in rollers. Yes, I'm going to practice. Because this is the perfect way, to wear my hair. For a hot, summer wedding! A

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Elena is 3!!!!

Can someone please explain to me....why does life move so fast?? I swear to you, before we had kids, life didn't move this fast. Never!! Not once, did I feel, like life was in high gear. These days, I'm constantly stressed out. My babies are going to grow up, and fly the coop. I feel, like one day, I'm just going to wake up, and they're going to be adults. On their own. Do you understand that?

I shouldn't be quite so dramatic. I know. One day, my girls are going to grow up. Move out. Be on their own. With their own families. But to me, I'm still in shock. At how quickly things are moving. 4 years ago, Mark and I decided to have a baby. We'd been married, nearly 10 years. It was time. To make an addition, to our little family. :)

God blessed us. So much!! With the most perfect little girl. With all her daddy's curiosity. Her mommy's eyes. Daddy's dark hair. This little person, who loved us more, than anyone in the world. In return, we love her, more than anyone in the world!!

3 years ago, we became parents. We held our little baby girl, for the very first time. Soaked up the sweet and wonderful, newborn scent. Watched as she nuzzled into us. And fell deeply into love!! Elena, was the missing part of our family. That we never knew, was missing.

The last 3 years, has been completely filled with love!! Wonder. And precious moments. Moments that we would never take back. Moments, that in our old age, we will still be cherishing.

I absolutely cannot believe, how quickly time has flown by! How one day, we were shocked by hearing our baby's heartbeat. For the very first time. And next, Elena is reading to Ofelia. It's just so crazy, how life moves this fast!!

Saturday, we're having Elena's birthday party. But today, is all about, our favorite 3 year old!! Mark is busy making breakfast. And I'm sitting here. Staring at our very first family picture. Getting ready, to shower our big girl, with lots of birthday love!! There might even be, a trip to the Disney Store, in our very near future!! A

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day

I figured, what a better way to really get into blogging, than hosting a giveaway! Nothing too fancy, just something that I made. And that my girls LOVE to pieces! A crochet cradle purse.

And the baby doll too! With a little blanket and pillow. My girls adore the pillow and blanket!

In any color that you would like. :)

Sorry about the horrible pictures. I can't find our camera at the moment. And I forgot to take pictures. It's already dark out, so the cellphone, kitchen table pictures are all I got!

On to the giveaway! Just post the link to your favorite crochet pattern. I've really fallen in love with crocheting. And I'd like to try new patterns. You have until May 27th at 11:59PM MST. That way I have the weekend to make the cradle purse in your favorite color. Good luck! A

Friday, May 20, 2011

New Inspiration

I've gotten some new inspiration lately. You know, to blog more. Mostly from my SIL and Lola. I've never really been good at this. I was better at twitter. But somehow, I fell off that bandwagon too. Much like FB and MySpace. But I'm trying.

And I really want to be better at this. I think it's a good tool to keep in touch with friends and family. And a great way to record memories! That part, I really enjoy. :)

So I'm going to work on a little "blog" schedule. I'm going to try to post more often. Oh, and share my new love of crochet with the world! Thanks for teaching me Lola! I'm having so much fun! And my girls are really loving all their new toys. A

Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh Bella!

I just found this bunny pattern. And it makes me kind of sad. I wish that I had found it, a few months ago. Elena and Ofelia would have loved one! Maybe I'll get started on them since now. That way, I know they'll be ready by next Easter. Now if only I could find a lamb and chick. :) A

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone!! There's just something about Easter, that makes me so happy!! Lent, is a time, when I completely "fill up" my tank. I soak up all of God's grace. I feel like Lent, is a time of reflection. But also, a time of "soul healing."

Our little family, is so excited about going to church today. I'm telling you, we all feel so blessed. The Easter Bunny even stopped by. Left our daughters some treats. That I'm sure, when they wake up, will be so thrilled! :)

This afternoon, we're all heading to my in-laws' house. They're hosting a nice cookout. And my family, is so happy about going! My sister even called last night, to ask me what time she should be there. Secretly, I know that she's excited over my MIL's cooking!! So am I!! I made this cake for the celebration. It was super easy!! And now, I'm wondering why I haven't done it before. Happy Easter!! A

Saturday, April 23, 2011


In love! I don't know what it is about this picture. But I'm in love with it! The colors are just perfect. And I've been looking for some inspiration. I'm redecorating my office. This picture is the perfect jumping off point for me. :) A

Monday, March 14, 2011

Cute Bunny Baskets

I'm doing something a little silly. Since I've only been crocheting, for 2 months. But I fell in love, with these little baskets. And I knew, I just had to join Lola and Manders' Crochet Along! The whole idea is, to crochet an Amigurumi Bunny Basket. Over a few weeks. They're going to be posting a goal, each week. Hopefully, I can keep up! My goal is, to have 2 made by Easter. For my daughters. A little ambitious. I know. But I have faith, that I can get it done! If you crochet, you should join in on the fun! A

Thursday, March 3, 2011

So Sweet!!!

I rarely ever watch Martha Stewart's show. I was once a big fan. Watched her show daily. Bought her cookbooks. Even watched the show, on PBS. Then, my bubble was burst! Not just her legal issues. I could sort of see, past that. She admitted her wrong doings. Served her time.

But when things were getting ugly with K-Mart. And she started putting low-income people down. That irritated me! I stopped being a fan. Because, I just couldn't see someone, put people down. Not everyone is low-income, because they want to be. And they certainly, don't need you, rubbing your millions, in their face. I'd rather watch the channel, that shows what's one TV, than to watch her shows. Hate me. But I'm just being honest.

But out of pure tiredness, and delirium, I tuned in. Today. For 5 minutes. While I watched the Craft Queen make these flowers. And now, it's all I can think of. I'm blaming it on the lack of sleep. And Ofelia teething. But we just might, make a little time in our day. To make these flowers! Because they make this mommy, smile. A

Friday, January 14, 2011

Learning to Crochet

Lola has been in town. Since her dad got sick. I'm not exactly sure, just how long she's going to be here. But we're all enjoying her company! Very much! There have been many lunches. Lots of trips to the library. And a few runs to the store.

One thing that I've always wanted to learn, is how to crochet. And anyone that knows Lola, knows that she is skilled! So is her mom. :) I watched as Lola, mindlessly crocheted in the hospital. And it just intrigued me.

A few days ago, I asked Lola to show me the basics. We went to Hobby Lobby, and stocked up, on supplies. And one night, we had her over for dinner. Mark agreed to clean up the kitchen after dinner. So that we could get started. :)

I was hooked from the very beginning! Every time we go visit her dad, I bring along my crochet. Just so I could ask a question or 2. From Lola, or her mom. Right now, I'm working on this blanket. In these colors. For Elena. Lola insisted, that it's a very basic pattern. And it really is easy. Even for this beginner. I'm slowly coming along!

When I finish it, I want to start a pink and turquoise one for Ofelia. This might take a while, but I'm OK with that. I never realized, just how calming crocheting is. Thank you Lola! You've taught me something, that I've wanted to do for years. And I love it! A

Monday, January 3, 2011

So Cute!!

It's almost Ofelia's 1st birthday!!! I know, I'm in shock too!!! We've been planning her birthday party, for about a month now. :) I like to make a big deal, of my daughters' birthdays. I want them to know, that they are special. And should be celebrated. For being them.

But Mark and I, agreed, that some birthdays should be bigger than others. Our plan, is to celebrate each birthday. With a nice party. But our daughters' 1st, 5th, 10th, 13th, 15th, and 18th birthdays, should be special!! Extra special!!!

Our theme for Ofelia's 1st birthday, is "Little Cupcake." And we've had so much success, at finding things. Cupcakes are so popular right now. But the idea, behind the cupcakes, are all about Mark!! He calls Ofelia his little cupcake. So cute! And the name is sticking. :)

These little candles are my favorite!! They are just so fun. :) We're used to having parties, in warm weather. Outside. This will be our first, indoor event. But I think it will be fun. You should see our guest room. Stuffed with party stuff!! Have you seen anything, that we just need to have? Anything cupcake themed. We'd love some ideas!! A