Friday, February 3, 2012


I found a new Etsy Shop, that I'm in Love with!! I should probably stop searching them out. But this time, I was really looking for some art. For our baby girl's nursery. :) Now, I think, I found some presents, for our 3 girls!!

Loxly Hollow has the most amazing pieces!! Perfect for any kids' room. Honestly, I was looking for something special. For our baby girl. And then, I could stop looking. I'm in love!

It all started with this print. Gathering Love. I thought, this would be so pretty in our daughter's nursery!! And the meaning, just tugged at my heart.

Swan Princess would be perfect for Elena! Not only does this print remind me of her. But she just loves princesses!!

A Pink and Aqua Meeting reminds me so much of Ofelia. You always find her, talking to little animals. Just like this!! And bunnies, are her current favorite! :)

Loxly Hollow just knows me. And they have so many cute prints. I found 5 that I want for our Playroom. 5!!! I know. I must control. But these 3, are coming home. I'm thinking, I just found Elena and Ofelia's Valentine's Day present. And at least 1 piece, for our baby girl's nursery. A