Monday, January 30, 2012

Etsy I LOVE You!!

I should tell you something. I spend way too many hours on Etsy. After my girls are fast asleep. I shop the clearance racks, to buy cute things on Etsy. I like buying things for our home, our girls, and to give as gifts.

Mark laughs, when he sees me, pull out my laptop. He knows, I'm going to be doing some shopping at Old Navy, eBay, or Etsy. Once in a while, I'm searching for crochet patterns. Between, don't you think, there are always better sales on Old Navy's website, than in their stores?

Well, I found a new shop. That I'm in love with!! Purdy Things. This shop, has the most amazing pieces!! And I want one of each. :)

Elena would just love this purse, to pieces!! Those are our favorite colors. And her love of birds, just makes this, an obvious choice. Let's not forget, she doesn't leave home, without her purse!!

Ofelia would look like a doll in this!! Perfect for our hot summer weather. I could see her, running through the sprinklers, in this little outfit!!

And I'd love this, for our new daughter. :) How cute would that be? The Very Hungry Caterpillar, is one of my favorite Children's books. This would be perfect, for newborn pictures!!

I restrained. I just added these, and about another 100 things from this shop, to my favorites. :) But I can't stop thinking, about all these beautiful things. I've got just over 2 months, to ponder these buys. I might just cave!! A