Monday, January 16, 2012

Ofelia is 2!!!!

I just can't believe it!! Where has the time gone? Today Ofelia turns 2. To be completely honest, it sort of saddens my heart a bit. Because my babies are growing up, so quickly! And there's nothing I can do about it.

Two years, have just flown by!! I still remember feeling those little feet, kicking me. And the little flutters, from my baby moving around. The sweet, sweet smell of a newborn. And now, I have a talking, walking, laughing 2 year old!!

Our lives have changed so much. In 2 years!! Ofelia has brought so much happiness and love, to our family. Love that can't be taken away. Happiness that energizes our entire family. Love that continues to grow.

It still surprises me, that my baby is now, well on her way, to being a big girl. She picks out her own clothes. Let's me know, that peaches from Papi's house, are her "favoritists" thing in the whole wide world!! Ofelia just soaks up the world. Is such an explorer. Reminds me so much of her Nina and Nino. :)

We're having a birthday party this weekend. I'm so excited, to celebrate my little girl. And Mark, stayed home today. So we can shower our little girl, with lots of birthday love! I just hope, the next 16 years, are a little slower. I'm not ready for my baby birdies, to fly the nest!! A