Monday, April 30, 2012

Now That There's 3...

I LOVE my girls. But now that there are 3, life is just a bit more complicated. I turned to Mindy for some help. Sunday mornings have always been a bit stressful. We're trying to get to church on time. With kids, it gets a bit more complicated. But with 3, I'm finding, it's a little overwhelming.

My big girls, don't like Mark to comb their hair. They'll let him, get them dressed. Even fed. But I have to comb their hair. And Sofia, she's got to eat. Something else, that Mark can't help with.

All of this, has led to me, throwing on a maxi dress, sandals, and putting my wet hair, in a bun. I've got a cardigan in the car, at all times, for just this reason. And we still get to church, as the bells begin to ring. :(

This week, I found this video. Watched it 5 times. Laid out everyone's clothes. Saturday afternoon. And set the alarm. 2 things happened Sunday morning. One, we got to church with 5 minutes to spare. Two, I felt better. My hair was combed. I had a chance to throw on some lipgloss. And I felt confident. Put together. Thank you Mindy, for the idea. It may not seem like a lot, but it definitely changed, my now crazy Sunday mornings! A