Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just What She Needs!!

Life is getting a little less hectic. We seem to be in a good rhythm right now. I think, we're all on the same schedule. Tough to get 5 souls, on 1 schedule!! But somehow we did it. And now, we have a little more time, to work on fun things. Like crocheting!!

Elena and I, were searching for some patterns. Preferably, for food toys. She's been so excited, about "cooking" us food. Her kitchenette, was the best things we could have bought! My sweet girl, spends hours and hours, playing with it! :)

We found this pattern. And it was a score!! To us, they look like chicken fajitas!! Yum!! And Elena was just so happy about them. Hopefully I'll get some time, to start crocheting. This weekend. I know one little girl, who would welcome that! A