Monday, April 16, 2012

Perfect for My Daughters!!!

I'm not going to lie, life has been so crazy!! But I'm still wanting to make time, for all my girls. I want our older girls, to feel special. And not left out. Because, let's be honest, Sofia needs me 24/7!!!

Today, when Sofia went down for a nap, I wanted to work on a special project. Just for Elena and Ofelia!! It's been a little hit or miss, whether all my girls will nap at the same time. But today, they all did. I swear, I heard angeles singing. :)

I remembered this project. I seen it, a few weeks ago. Before Sofia was born. And I "favorited it." Knowing, that I'd come back to it. Eventually! Today was the day. I've cut out, all the bunting pieces. I've got some sticks. And now, I just need to start tying. :) Hopefully by tomorrow, we'll have 3 buntings. For 3 perfect little girls!!! I can't wait. A