Sunday, July 1, 2012


I was wondering around Pinterest earlier. Just looking for things, to make our lives a little simpler. I think our older 2 girls, are ready to be a little more independent. And well, I could use any help I can get right now.

This idea, just blew my mind! Maybe because I've got my hands full all the time. And it's summer. The temps are through the roof! And my girls drink water all day. It's not a bad thing. But it makes for a lot of time at the fridge. And in the cabinets. That why this idea is just brilliant.

Magnetic cups. I just bought a bunch of cups at Albertson's. On clearance! Cute and all. For 10 cents a piece. Tomorrow, I'm heading out to buy some magnets. Then, we will all have our own cups. Right on the fridge. Because in this weather, well we can't get enough ice water! A