Monday, February 20, 2012

Making It Pretty

We're starting to think about Spring and Summer already. And gardening. My in-laws are big motivators in this department. My FIL, plants an amazing garden, every year. He encourages, all his grandkids to help out. Many times, he sends Elena and Ofelia home, with little plants. To plant at our house.

Mark and I, have been really good, about planting a little garden. Over the years, we've added some fruit trees, to our yard. All year long, we grow herbs in our kitchen window. I'd say, we're doing pretty well. :)

But we have a rather long driveway. It's a little boring. When we first bought our home, we planted trees along it. They are growing nicely. And it's a really nice look. But, you know there's always a but! Our driveway is lacking in color. Big time!

When you get to our house, we always plant pretty flowers. We've got roses, irises, and gladiolas. We add in annuals, for color. It looks so pretty, late in the Spring. But our driveway, is so drab! Then I remembered Lola. She planted these gorgeous roses. Along her driveway. And they grow nice and low. So I called her. :)

She pointed me in the right direction. And we just ordered 30 of these rose bushes. I told you, our driveway is long! I can't wait to see, what it's all going to look like. Imagine in 2 or 3 years! This just excites me. I also wonder, when our roses will get here. And if I'll be able to help Mark plant them. A