Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!!

I just LOVE a good holiday. Especially one that revolves around good food, friends, and family. That's what I think about, when I think about Labor Day. I know that's not the true meaning. But that's how I like to look at it. :)

Today we're going to a BBQ. At my SIL and BIL's home. Ranch really. And we're all pretty excited!! The girls have been talking non-stop about it. Because they get to ride their uncle's ponies.

And me? Well, I've had a smile on my face all morning long. Why? I finally have an excuse to make these yummy "pie cookies." And gosh! I think I might have gotten the sweetest berries of the season. :) Yes, they are pretty wonderful!

I'm off to bake. The girls are taking an early nap. And Mark, well he's napping too! I'm glad that my hard working hubby got the day off. The rest of our day, is going to be of the lazy variety. Something we all desperately need! A