Thursday, September 13, 2012

One Month

One month ago, Elena started school. It was a tough day for me. It's been a tough month of adjusting for me. But my little girl, is just LOVING school! Every morning, she is excited to go to school. Every afternoon, she's so excited to tell me and the girls, all about her day. And every night, I hear her telling Mark about what she's learned. It's so sweet!

I was talking to my MIL about this. And she tells me how Elena adores that 30 minutes with grammy. I know she does! She tells us all about it. You see, my MIL works in the office. Why? I'm not sure. She doesn't need to work. My in-laws are doing well. But she enjoys it. Even if we all tell her, that she should retire. And you know, enjoy life.

Back to my MIL and Elena. School is out at 3:30PM. My MIL patiently waits for Elena and her teacher, to get to the office at 3:45PM. After all the other kids are on their buses going home, or with their parents. Elena comes bringing in the attendance sheets, and anything else that needs to be turned in.

Yes, her teacher walks her there. And I'm sure she probably has business to do in the office too. But then, Elena gets to hangout with grammy for 30 minutes. While grammy closes down the office. And Elena is quickly becoming "Grammy's Helper." They put the mail in the teacher's boxes, organize attendance papers, and close down the office.

By 4:15PM, we're there to pick up Elena. She gives grammy some love. Grammy is excited to see the girls. It's a win-win. Once in a while, grammy brings Elena home for me. You know, if the girls are having a tough day. Or I'm helping my FIL. But we're definitely adjusting, to this new schedule of ours.

Now let me tell you, this is not a first for my MIL. With our oldest niece and nephew, they went to the school where my MIL works. They helped her too. But for Elena, I think this is a "Right of Passage." To get to help grammy at work. It really does make her feel so special! And my heart grows, every time she tells me about her afternoon.

In a month, I can see the difference in my daughter. Elena is more aware of things. She is always trying to teach Ofelia something. Her love of reading, is growing. Elena studies the world more. Likes to see how things work. She has friends. Boy does my daughter have friends! And it's so nice to see these changes.

To mark a month in school, we've invited a few of Elena's friends, and their moms over. We live outside of the school district. And it's a bit of a drive. So we decided a nice trip, to a local pizza and sub shop was in order. Closer for all.

I put together some little treat bags, for the kids. Convinced my FIL to watch Ofelia and Sofia, until my MIL got home. Which wasn't hard at all! He adores his grandkids. :) And I have a batch of this, in our slow cooker.

I just felt like we could all use some celebrating. It's been a tricky month for all of us. New schedules. New activities. New phases of life. I feel like we're really making some good friends. People who are experiencing all of the same things. It just feels good. And right. Oh, 4PM can't come soon enough! A


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Angela said...

Hi Alice!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! This is the Peeps recipe I'm going to try for Easter this year...

I am so excited to try it...I hope mine turn out as good as hers did. :)