Monday, August 13, 2012

Our School Girl

Today, Miss Elena started Pre-K. Wow! My baby is in school. She wasn't nervous at all. I think I had enough nerves for the both of us! She was so excited when we dropped her off. "Mommy and Daddy I'm going to big girl school. Where grammy works."

Yes, she was over the moon! Weeks ago, we started buying her school supplies. And her little uniforms. But I do say, Elena was most excited over her new backpack and lunchbox. Last night, we packed up her supplies. Making sure her name was on everything. School rules. And we talked about lunch.

My sweet girl asked me to pack a lunch for her, and grammy. Oh, and a little snack for her teacher. Yes, it was quite cute. And this morning, before the girls woke up, and Mark was showering, I started those lunches. I couldn't help myself, I cried. Just a little. Because my baby is not a baby anymore! She's a big girl.

This mommy, might have also packed a little card and some stickers. Elena might have gotten fruit, and a pudding. And I might still have this ache in my heart. But this is a big step for all of us. A big deal!

To celebrate tonight, Mark is grilling up some ribs. And we're having a special "School Dinner." I can't wait, to hear all about my little girl's first day of school! And mommy just might be baking up some sweet treats, for our new school girl.

I'd probably be at the school. Right this minute. If my MIL didn't work there. Along with Mark's aunt. I know that our girl is in good hands. And that we have family members there, if she needs them. I'd probably just make the whole thing, a lot harder. I know that Elena is having a great time. And making lots of good friends. But it still doesn't make this day any easier.

I know this is a necessary step. But this is also the first real big step, to our daughter really growing her "own wings." And that, makes me a little nervous. Because I want to be there, to always protect her. I know, she's only in Pre-K. And is just 4 years old. But I feel like she's grown up too fast for my tastes. A