Monday, August 27, 2012

Hiccup in Our Plan

Over the weekend, Mark and I decided, that we needed to start our Christmas shopping. This whole "3 girls to look after," has really pushed us to plan ahead. We know that our days of "last minute shopping," are well behind us.

I've had some toys in mind. And books. That I know the girls will enjoy. We don't just give our girls toys, we also give them items that they can use to learn with. And some useful items. We like to keep it well rounded.

Along with this, I've been leaning towards giving the girls more thoughtful gifts. Handmade items. Just one of kind things. Not only do I think it's more meaningful. But I want to support local, and handmade shops.

So I took to our computer last night. And I started to order various things. Let me tell you, that little "Christmas for the Girls" folder, really came in handy! I got about half of the items order. Thank you Mark, for thinking ahead! We'd been saving money. And it just all sorta lined up last night.

Except, there is that 1 item that I really wanted. I've wanted it for Elena, for probably over a year. And I ALWAYS have my fingers crossed, that it's "in stock." Until last night. When it wasn't!!

I was crushed!! Probably more so, because there is nothing left in this cute, little Etsy shop. And that just makes me so sad. I'm going to contact Mrs. Ruby Ellen. Hopefully, we can get this dollhouse, and doll made. You know, before Christmas. Now that I really have my heart set on it. Is anyone else thinking about Christmas? Or is it just us? A