Friday, August 24, 2012

Our Home Smells Like Heaven!!

I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned our weekly "Family Dinners" before. Mark's family has always had "Family Dinners." Always! I'm pretty sure it was his abuelita that started them. The entire family meets on Friday nights. Everyone pitches in, and we enjoy a meal together.

When Mark's abuelita was alive, they were always at her house. Well, almost always. It didn't matter that you had to drive an hour out of town. That's where we went. And even when we were teens, it was a fun place to be.

The guys would practice baseball or their roping. Yes, it was a family activity. They'd also help out with the Ranch. Cleaning, and feeding the animals. Whatever needed to be done. Us gals, we'd cook. And we'd help clean the house. Anything we could do.

These days, the dinners are usually at my in-laws' house. Which is another fun place to be. Again, everyone goes over. Aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, and tons of kids! From time to time, we also have friends like Lola and her parents there. :)

And every week, we all have a different responsibility. Some to bring the meat for the main dish, some for desserts, maybe a side dish. My MIL likes to do lots of cooking. She usually handles the main dish. And we all help with everything else.

This week, I'm supposed to be taking a dessert. First of all, until an hour ago, I forgot it was Friday. Can we say "Mommy Brain?" Mark sent me a text, "Do we need to take some dessert plates too?" Good thing he remembered!

So I headed to one of my new favorite food blogs. And the first thing I saw, was this Banana Nut Cake. Um, ya! This is what I'm baking.

Beyond the comment, "That cake is just stupid good," I was sold at Banana Nut. Banana Nut Bread was the food I craved the most while pregnant. All 3 times! Heck, who am I fooling, Banana Nut Bread is just a favorite of mine.

A total bonus, I had everything on hand. Being that our family of 5, eats 2+ bundles of bananas a week, I knew I could make this right away. As I type, this cake is baking away. And our home smells amazing! I just hope I don't eat it, before we get to our dinner tonight! :) A