Saturday, August 18, 2012

And She Has a Pig

We are all so proud of Elena!! Her first week of school, was a total success!! My week, was a little more up and down. At least emotionally. But I guess, I was just missing my sweet girl.

Last night at our "Family Dinner," our daughter was the center of attention. Excitedly telling us all about her "Big Girl School." It's been a few years, since the family has had a small child, in school. Mark's oldest brother, has 2 kids. His daughter graduated this year. His son is in middle school. Mark's younger brother, has 2 kids too. His daughter is in middle school. And his son, is in his last year of elementary. All of Mark's cousins with kids, well their kids are in middle or high school. Except one cousin, who has 2 sweet little ones. :)

Yes, we have some of the youngest kiddos of the family. Sofia, being the youngest. So everyone was really into the "School Talk." At the end of the night, Grammy and Papi, promised to take Elena on a surprise. Tomorrow in fact. Mark's aunt and uncle, surprised her with a HUGE stack of books! Mark's younger brother and his wife, gave Elena a cute dress and shoes. And Mark's older brother, well this is what he gave Elena!!

Why yes, this is a Teacup Piggie!! I'd NEVER heard of them before. But supposedly, they're a HUGE hit! While looking for a picture, I found out they can go for upwards of $45! You see, this pig, talks. Says 25 different things. Cracks us all up!

My BIL insured us, that he didn't pay that much. But who knows with him. I personally think, he'd like some more kids. Instead of finding a girlfriend, he spoils our girls. :) I don't know who had more fun, with "Princess," our new piggie. It was a close call between Elena, and her uncle.

This little piggie has provided hours of fun, for our girls. I have a feeling that Ofelia is going to want one too. Maybe Santa is listening. :) And this morning, at 8AM, Papi came over. With 5 outfits for "Princess." They were on clearance at Wal-Mart. For 50 cents!! Wow, "Princess" is just one special girl! A