Thursday, August 9, 2012

Not Again!!

Do you ever find an adorable pattern, then when you go back to it, it's gone? It's happened to me a few times. By now, you'd think I'd print my favorite patterns. You know, when I first find them.

But like with most things in life, I just haven't learned yet. Then I spend weeks, sometimes months tracking down the patterns to buy. Which I don't mind. But it's frustrating to say the least! And sometimes, I just NEVER find the patterns again. Those times, make me really sad.

You see, late in the Spring, I found Neanners Shop. It's an adorable blog! With tons of cute, and FREE patterns. I saved the blog to my "favorites." And knew late in the summer, I'd come back to it. You know, to make the girls some adorable winter hats. Except the patterns were no longer there! And just look at how cute this hat is!!

This picture is from the Neanners Shop blog. And I'm not losing hope. There is no email address on the blog. Or contact info. I've found the designer on Ravelry as well. Hopefully, I can find a way to contact the designer. I don't mind buying the patterns. Because they really are adorable!

Now I hope I've learned my lesson. Copy and print patterns immediately!! Don't wait. Because you know, you may never find them again. And that just makes me sad. Because I want to make my girls some really cute things. Like these hats. A