Monday, August 6, 2012

Last Week of Summer

Today marks our last week of summer. Officially. Elena starts school next Monday!! Yes, I'm still not sure about this whole thing. But you know, she's growing up. And we have to let her. You know, she still needs her momma to guide her on her way. And I'm definitely here for that!

But I wanted to do something special to start off our week. And I wasn't quite sure what to do. I called my friend Lola. Funny how that works. She has no kids, but I ALWAYS turn to her!

And what did Lola suggest? Maybe a mini shopping trip. To buy a special little something, to take to school. Something that would remind Elena of home. And of course, a new book! Thanks again Lola! We have on happy girl on our hands!!

Mark even wanted in on the fun! So he's taking a "half day." And I've got the girls this morning. Just enjoying the good life. In our pjs. We watched some cartoons, snacked on fruit, and now the girls are napping.

And when they wake up, we'll get ready to head out. They know about all this. And our adventure to a local bookstore. We like to shop local when we can. So the little bookstore it is. And hopefully, we can find a cute surprise, while we're out. Before all this...a little summer treat!!

And what is this exactly? An orange coke float. Another idea from Lola. :) I should have remembered these, from when we were younger. Lola would always ask for a coke float, with orange soda. She said it reminded her of Dreamsicles. Yum!

Doesn't that just sound yummy? I think so! And it's a nice way to kick off our week. We're also planning a bigger adventure on Friday. I'm a little nervous, about my baby going to school. So I'm going to enjoy every last second of her, this week! Remembering the days, before she went to school, and was still my baby girl! A