Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mommy's Reading Again

Now that we're getting used to our new schedule, I've started to get back into things I enjoy. Mark and I have been tackling our yard and garden again. Which feels so good! There is just something, about digging in the dirt, that heals the soul!

And during the day, I'm finding a lot of "down time." Probably because I'm getting up earlier. Much earlier. And I get so much housework done. By the time I get Elena to school, I'm usually completely caught up with the cleaning. OK, there is still laundry to do. But that just kind of does itself. You know, throw it in the machine, and it washes.

When the girls go down for their naps, I'm sorta without anything to do. I mean, there is always something to do, but I actually have some free time. Well, I'm working on this project for me. Which makes me so happy! And I've started reading again.

With that, I've leaned on some friends for book suggestions. Things that will interest me. And aren't too crazy. I've also been reading my Bible a lot more. Which really heals my soul!! But recently, I've really gotten into this book.

Now I've read other books by Jennifer Weiner. They really are good. But I'd never read this one before. Which is about the "suburbs." And a murder. Which has had me completely "hooked," all week long!

I have Lola to thank for introducing me to Jennifer's books. And Cam to thank for this book. So around 11AM, I've probably got this book in my hand. Oh, and a sweet treat in the other! A