Friday, March 2, 2012

Making Memories

I'm a really big fan of Rice Krispies Treats!!! My mom can attest to that. I remember one day, hearing about them. And making her go to the grocery store. For all the supplies. I think I was in elementary school. :)

We made them that afternoon. And ever since, it's been one of those treats, that I just love! Since I've been married, I've varied my Rice Krispies Treats. Added things to them, like candy, nuts, dried fruit,various marshmallows. Lots of things!! And they are just too darn good!

At one point, I wouldn't allow Rice Krispies, marshmallows, or anything to do with my favorite treats, in our home. At the time, I needed to lose 10 lbs. And it just wasn't happening, with these bad boys in the house!!

I think last year, was the first year, that I heard about these eggs. It might have been 2 years ago. I can't remember. But I saw the commercial on TV. I kept saying, I'm going to try those. Well, it never happened. :(

Last week, I saw that commercial again. And I got an idea. Over the weekend, I just knew, that we had to at least try these. I picked up the supplies on last Friday. While grocery shopping. Yum! I was so excited!! And last Saturday, after nap time, we went all out!

Two hours later, we had a nice stack of eggs. I'll be it, Mark and I, made 99% of them. But that's our job. :) Elena and Ofelia were so excited, with all their hard work!! It was such a fun project. One that I hope, becomes a tradition in our family. :)

And all those Rice Krispies eggs, were happily eaten!! Not all by us. Although, we did have our fair share. But I took them with us, to my parents' house Sunday. They had us all over, including my siblings and their families, for dinner. It was super yummy!!

I'm hoping, to make these one more time. For Easter. But with my due date so close to Easter, I'm just not sure. We'll have to play it by ear. Maybe instead, I should whip some up today, during nap time. For our weekly Family Dinner. :) A