Thursday, March 29, 2012

So Sweet!!!

It's no secret, that this is our 3rd baby. In our family, we have 1 baby shower. For the first baby. After that, people are still happy for you. With each additional baby. But everyone feels like, now you know what to expect. You should have things from your previous babies to use. A little more on your feet. And your now a mommy, and know a little more about what's ahead.

I think this is a good thing. You celebrate with family, and get advise, the 1st time around. After that, people still bring gifts by. But it's a little more low key. I really like that. Our other babies are not loved less. It's just more low key.

So what happened yesterday, really surprised me! Lola has been in town. Her uncle past away over the weekend. But while the family has been trying to make arrangements, I've gotten to spend some much needed time, with my friend. Who has also been working on baby girl's nursery. :)

Yesterday, I had already agreed to be out of the house. So Lola could finish the nursery. I figured that, as a family, we'd get to see it complete after dinner. The girls and I, left early in the morning. Met my FIL for breakfast. And then we went shopping. About an hour into shopping, Lola called me. And asked if I could come home. I thought, oh no! What happened?

We headed home.When we got here, I was shocked! Lola and Lorenzo planned a "Baby Tea Party" for us! I'm pretty sure that I've said it before, but Mark's family owns a business. Lorenzo runs it. Mark, his brothers, and cousins all work for it. So they got to take the day off, with no problems. My MIL took the day off of work. As did Mr. and Mrs. S, lots of friends, and more family!

This was such a nice and unexpected surprise. It wasn't about the presents. But we really did appreciate those! All of them. :) It was about getting time with our family and friends. Seeing how happy they are, for us. Starting this new chapter, in our lives.

The food was plentiful. Something tells me, Lola spent all night cooking! This was definitely my favorite! If you haven't made it yet, run out and buy all the ingredients. It's super simple. And so delicious!

The day was perfect! Lots of food, friends, and family. An easy going day. Nothing too complicated. Lots of celebrating our baby girl. And our big girls too! And to top it all off, Lola and Lorenzo finished the nursery. Little did I know, it was finished the other night. When they came over, with a few friends. And let me tell you, it's beautiful!

Now I really can't wait for our baby girl to come! This is such a special time in our lives. And we have so many wonderful people, in our lives. We are blessed! Yesterday showed Mark and I, that we picked the perfect Godparents for our daughter. It was not about the gifts or party, but about the love, that they showered our family with! A