Monday, March 12, 2012


I'm sure, that you know about my love of Nate Berkus!! He hangs the moon for me. :) I know, that if we were to meet in real life, we'd be immediate BFFs!!

I've never missed a day of his show. Ever!! That's why, this news, saddens my heart!! But we must go on. And I hope Nate, will find a new home, on TV. Very soon!!

But back to his show. I've seen Katie Lee make French Onion Soup. 3 times!! And you know what, I finally buckled to the pressure. It just looks so good. And come on, if they've showed this particular show 3 times, it must be delicious!

I searched high and low for the recipe. And could not find it!! Not anywhere. But the video, is right here. I watched it. Three times, and scribbled out some notes. That's what we had for dinner. Tonight. And my family soaked it up!! There is not a drop left. And I made a HUGE pot. There's only Mark, our 2 daughters, and me. I don't know who ate the most. :)

This is definitely one of our new favorite recipes. I'll be making it, many times in our future!! What an easy, and delicious meal this was. Now, I must confess something. I knew, Mark would want a little something more. So I warmed him up, some leftover pot roast. Again, this meal, was a home run! In our house, that's a great thing!!

Between, I just adore Katie!! She is so cute. And all her recipes are yummy. I picked up her cookbook one day. I found it at Dollar General. And I said, what the heck. The best $5 I've spent!! I've made almost everything in this cookbook. And I haven't been disappointed. A