Monday, March 19, 2012

Sweet Owls

I don't belong to Facebook. I don't have any intention, of ever signing up. OK, I had a page, a few years ago. For about a week. Then I deleted it. Years ago, I signed up for MySpace. And rarely, ever used it too. And that was before I had kids! As you can tell, my Twitter page, rarely gets used either. Let's be honest, I can barely handle my blog. :)

But I was reading Ana's blog. And she's hosting a Crochet Along. Now, just for a second, she tempted me with Facebook. Because that's where she's hosting her Crochet Along. Then I thought better. But I'd still like to make these beauties, for Elena and Ofelia. Something sweet to give them, when their little sister arrives. Um, I'm not sure if I can crochet that fast. But maybe, they'd be a nice Spring present. A